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BWA Online River Logbook

Click to login and use the logbook

The BWA Online River Logbook was a quick and dirty tool written to allow members (or anyone) to make a log of their river adventures much like pilots or divers, for which tools already exists. It was written during the trial period use of a code generation tool, so there are several quirks, poor user interface usage, and other drawbacks, but it does do the job.

Here are some instructions to help get you started with the use of the tool:

Create a User ID/Password

The tool does not interface with any of the other tools on our web site, so you need yet another userid/password. Click on the Login menu item, then click the Register link at the bottom of the Login page to create a user id and password. Important: The password is not encrypted on the system. Do not use any of your standard passwords you use on other applications on this or other sites.


Log in to the logbook using the userid/password you just created to add or modify any of your entries in the logbook. It is not necessary to login to view or export data.

In General

The log tool is just a set of 3 tables that contain information pertinent to your river trips. A table for a list of all boats that you use, one for information on which river sections you navigate, and one to record each trip.

In general:

Before Creating Your First Log Entry, Enter Your Boat Inventory

Before adding any other entries, enter all boats that you use and will be logging trips with. Click the My Boats menu item. To add a boat, click the add icon and fill in the information for each boat you use.

Check to See if the Section of River Already Exists

Click on the River Section List to see all river sections already entered. If the section you are logging an entry for doesn't exist, create it first.

Log Your Trip

Once you know the boat you used and the river section you traveled are in the database, you can now log your trip, selecting the boat and river section from the pull down lists.

Sorting and Filtering

You can sort any table by clicking on the column heading. Clicking again will unsort.

You can filter any table by clicking on any field on a table entry that is a hyperlink. For example, clicking on your userid in a table will show only your entries in that table. You can undo a filter by selecting the Show All link. You can do more advance filtering by clicking on the Advanced Search link.

More Complex Data Manipulation

To do more complex operations on a table, you have to export it to something like Excel. Click on the Export to Excel icon at the top of the page to export the table. If you want to sum up some of the columns, like Distance, it helps to only put numbers in the table as you are filling out your trip, not units. Still, the tool exports the data in a weird way so that it may not be summable. If you save the data as csv, and reload it, it usually takes care of that problem.


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