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Jessamine Creek takeout advice

Posted by Old Man River 
Jessamine Creek takeout advice
March 29, 2018 04:51PM
Hello boating universe! I'm just looking for a little advice here from anybody who is familiar with Jessamine Creek. A few years back my wife and I set out to paddle the creek, but could not find a place to park anywhere near the takeout at the stone bridge. There are no trespassing/no parking signs EVERYWHERE! Even all along the road on either side of the bridge and the little side road. Totally understandable because I'm sure the property owners around there have had to deal with their fair share of inconsiderate dootie faces over the years.

Anywho, the American Whitewater page for Jessamine Creek says that the owners of the house at the bridge are okay with people taking out at the bridge and hiking up to the road, but that still doesn't indicate where to park in a considerate fashion. There just did not seem to be a single location anywhere around the takeout that looked legit. We definitely don't want to upset the people who live around there, is it just universally known that those homeowners are cool with people hiking up their driveway? The AW page also says that there are a couple of alternate takeout spots downstream that involve a quarter mile hike uphill. That would be fine with us, anybody know where these elusive alternate takeout spots are located?

Any advice that you kind folks could offer on this topic would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anybody has run this creek recently and could offer up any strainer knowledge that would be a super cool bonus.

Re: Jessamine Creek takeout advice
March 30, 2018 04:59PM
Andrew van horn paddles paddles it. You can pm him at handle drewavan.

Joe W.
Re: Jessamine Creek takeout advice
April 07, 2018 10:56AM
Been a spell since I've checked the forum. Parking at the take-out is best done at the old quarry. As you cross the bridge from the put in there is a sharp right hand turn. Sortly after that turn and just after the bridge is a pull off. That is the best parking for the takeout, I have parked there many times and never had an issue and is the best place to park. I will also update the AW site to reflect where to park.

Andrew Van Horn
Captain of the Pirate Ducky Fleet
Re: Jessamine Creek takeout advice
April 15, 2018 11:38AM
Been a spell since I've checked the forum, too! Andrew, I really appreciate the takeout advice. Jessamine looks like a really cool little creek so I look forward to hopefully being able to get out and run it sometime this spring.

I believe I know the location you are referring to regarding the pull off and the old quarry. If I remember correctly there is plenty of room to park next to the road and several large boulders preventing access to the quarry. When parking there, do you still take out just before the stone bridge and then hike your boat up the driveway and road to your vehicle? Or is there another takeout location shortly downstream from the stone bridge that is a better and less intrusive place? Thanks again for your help!
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