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Marble Creek strainer and wood

Posted by KyleS 
Marble Creek strainer and wood
March 17, 2018 08:34PM
Still a river wide but have cleared several. Drops are clear. SOME WOOD AND TREES still present.
Re: Marble Creek strainer and wood
March 23, 2018 09:38PM
I am not around Central Kentucky steeps as much these days, but your post is valuable beta. Thanks dude. I love Marble and have not been on it in over a decade I am thinking. I think I haven't been on it since before Griffin Sanders passed away which was 2007 because I was on it with him last. It had wood in it then too... Gotta watch them steeps, they do collect wood. Always a good idea to lay eyes on sections before just bombing down Hugo style...
Re: Marble Creek strainer and wood
March 24, 2018 10:02PM
There is freedom knowing its clear to bomb a big water Marble. Flying off the first right drop brings smiles. Few run it. Fortunate its a few miles from my house. Trying to keep it clear. Seeing it dry after its run out its banks level is scary how much dead wood can be sucked in. Running a low level tonight. Hopefully a morning run.
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