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BSF maybe RFG?

Posted by mfwilson 
BSF maybe RFG?
January 19, 2018 10:08AM
Got some decent options (and temps) this weekend.


Re: BSF maybe RFG?
January 19, 2018 10:33AM
Very interested in BSF. Would love to catch a first descent of the RFG if the stars happen to align correctly.

Robert W.
Re: BSF maybe RFG?
January 21, 2018 08:47PM
Man, I hope you all got out today. Just had a really nice day today on the Noli which was running about 1200 with temps in the high 50s. So nice. Was totally a trip to see the ice dam at Railroad, where we actually had to get out to portage. Chunks of ice floating down with us. Felt like a spring day in the northeast. Me, Lou, Amelia and Jonny. Back to the Pigeon in the morning for me and Lou for an early morning lap to get the day going...
Re: BSF maybe RFG?
January 23, 2018 11:06AM
Good to hear Brent, I always love time spent in the Nolichucky Gorge.

We were originally going to daytrip the BSF on sunday, but (mayor) steve price reported that she was frozen. Heard there was flowing water and decent access at the Russel Fork so John Flunker, KYJim, and I headed over to meet up with Damon Paterson, Gerald DeLong, and Terry Ratliff. We were able to drive all the way into garden hole, had a solid 230ish cfs on the rock gauge, and solid runs over all. No icebergs in the water, but lots of ice formations on the banks and tall boofs. :-) Heck, the sun even came out for a while...cool smiley

Hope to catch up with you soon Brent!

Re: BSF maybe RFG?
January 23, 2018 09:35PM
Nice MFW! Yeah, I think Amelia took some pictures of the ice dam on the Noli that we portaged around and I hope to get those to Spangler.

My understanding is that Mello is renting a cabin over at USA this weekend. Great facility, owned by Matt Moses, who also just bought NOC, so he is really looking to hook up groups. BWA Spring Clinic? Been a minute since the Clinic was at the Noli. Think me and Lou, maybe others, may head over to meet the Mellos on either Friday or Saturday at the Noli. It has come up a bit, is over 1300 now and still good. My cut off is about 1000 to make the drive, but if I were already there, then lower. Should stay over 1000 it appears. Nice weather coming up too.

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