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April Fools Chief Fest

Posted by johnk 
April Fools Chief Fest
April 02, 2017 09:21PM
Chief Fest for the Rest of Us- April Fool’s Weekend Trip Report

After several days of phone calls and text messages to the usual suspects and some timely rains our group of boaters from Louisville, Bowling Green, Lexington, Carlisle, Somerset, and displaced Kentuckians in Tennessee we selected two Classic Class III-IV East Tennessee Rivers. Most boaters began the southern exodus on Friday and spent the night at North River Campground just a few miles from the put in. I drove down Saturday morning and we began to set up shuttles for multiple runs for the Upper Tellico section. We (Keith, Rachel, Nate, Josh, Jason, Lindsay, Steve, Ben, Jimmy, Mike, Mike, Cody and I - Chief) with help shuttling from Dara, put on the water. The water as usual was clean and clear, running just over 2 feet or somewhere between 400- 500 CFS. This is enough water to make the run out between drops readily passable, pads the rocks well, without being too pushy, and provides ample “Boof” opportunities.

We negotiated the river hazards without any major problems that included avoidable strainers, large groups of boaters in eddies, trout fishing anglers(most who showed patience with the boaters-thanks), plus overcrowded parking areas and anal rangers. Doing multiple laps allows boaters chances to try different lines, perfect or clean up lines, build river confidence with repetition, and memorize the run better. Some of the better known rapids include Auto Boof, Baby Falls, Diaper Wiper, and Jerrod’s Knee; for those who find the upper section too steep or challenging, a Class III run is just downstream. With a road the parallels the river, car scouting is easy, and numerous put ins and take outs can be selected for either run.
The group left Tellico Plains and drove to Knoxville meeting at Chief’s humble South Knoxville abode, Ben grilled steak and veggies, and everyone contributed various food items for our impromptu pot luck dinner. Beer and Bourbon were consumed around the outdoor fire pit until the early morning hours. Everyone managed to find a place to crash, some in spare bedrooms, others on cots or sleeping pads on the floor, and some in the driveway in their vehicles. We woke up, prepared a breakfast featuring Benton’s Bacon, and arranged to meet Brent Austin at the Little River in The Graate Smoky Mountains near Gatlinburg.

The Little was running about 2.6’ on the gauge. Like the Tellico the water was clean and clear, low but like from the previous day, enough. Some of our group elected to put on the Meanies section and also run the Sinks while others chose to do “Sinks Lite”. The Sinks drop has a new twist from a log that makes the approach to this 10’ drop tricky, I watched a video of most of our runs and no one seemed to style it. My Sinks run included a flip, a broken paddle, and bow rescue. We continued on downstream running Silver Diner, Eddy Out, Two Sweet Sliding Boofs (Names unknown by me) and the Elbow. For boaters not ready for The Sinks section an easier run continues downstream with numerous put in and take out options from the riverside road.

Look forward to another house slumber party boating extravaganza soon.

Re: April Fools Chief Fest
April 03, 2017 08:08AM
Great weekend!
Thanks for hosting us Chief
Re: April Fools Chief Fest
April 03, 2017 08:27AM
Chief and all,
It was great to see a bunch of you all on my home river yesterday. The Little is my Elkhorn. When I woke up yesterday morning and saw a text in spanish from the Chiefster at 1:50 a.m., I knew that was going to be my move for the day and that I was staying close to home.

There was one or two good lines on the Sinks now. Wink. But yeah, there were a few less the optimal lines. Chief was hanging tough trying to roll with a broke stick. Cool and calm under pressure, he accepted a bow assist. At the Elbow is where I saw the most upside boats. LOL. That drop is tricky. Great day on the river with ya'll. Looks like we are getting ready to get some big rain in the next few hours. Chief, you wanna boat this afternoon? It is gonna happen. I am going to work until about noon then skobotin.
Re: April Fools Chief Fest
April 03, 2017 04:51PM
where's the video of said "one or two good lines on the Sinks" ?drinking smiley
Re: April Fools Chief Fest
April 03, 2017 06:49PM
Brent I am in for Tuesday
Re: April Fools Chief Fest
April 03, 2017 06:50PM
Lindsay had video on her phone, yet to be posted
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