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Weekend Paddling

Posted by Kayak1ky 
Weekend Paddling
March 30, 2017 06:38PM
Tennessee is running. BSF is at 2700, Tellico is 1.7, Little is 2.5. Wonder what the next 24 hours will bring. Let's paddle.

8 five nine 5 3 three three five 7 5.

Brent, are we gonna have to join FaceCrack?


Tattooed and Retired
Re: Weekend Paddling
March 30, 2017 07:11PM
dallas, to my knowledge there isn't much traffic over that way either... but i haven't checked.

Everything in TN is primed and and about to go we hopes.....wish i had tomorrow off, thats when the rare stuff will run. Heading South early sat morning....

Re: Weekend Paddling
March 31, 2017 10:41AM
I'm down for either Tellico or the park tomorrow. Hate to leave the Bluegrass after last night's rain but this will be my last chance for mountain creeking for a while due to work travels, baby due, etc.
Re: Weekend Paddling
March 31, 2017 06:28PM
Tellic-oh! Take out at 11
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