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Boating 3/25-26

Posted by Ace 
Boating 3/25-26
March 22, 2017 01:02PM
What are options this weekend besides Cheoah?

Looks like Little gauge is fixed, not sure if it will hold till Saturday.

Chief are you still planning on Ocoee this weekend?

Ben M.
Re: Boating 3/25-26
March 23, 2017 08:59AM
I'm looking to do the Ocoee this weekend.

Joe W.
Re: Boating 3/25-26
March 23, 2017 05:37PM
Ben, Phillip Cornett and I might be looking at the new, or possibly the middle and lowergauley... We might leave fri ni. It's so much closer than the ocoee. Big, billowing waves crashing in your face!! We will most likely hook up with some awesome locals up there. I'm friends with a guy who lives in charleston. He was on the Africa trip. He's not boating, but he's gonna put me in touch with the right people who will be boating either the new or gauley.
Re: Boating 3/25-26
March 23, 2017 06:03PM
One cool thing about paddling big water is that it's usually deep enough where WHEN you flip, your not gonna smack your head as much as on runs like the ocoee. Don't get me wrong, I looooove the ocoee, but the new is just so much closer!!
Re: Boating 3/25-26
March 24, 2017 06:04AM
Bruce Cummings and I are thinking of hitting the Big South Fork on Saturday. Daytrip. Level probably > 1000ish. Wife's birthday is Sunday or I would be all over the New River trip. Plan to paddle from Burnt Mill Bridge to Leatherwood. Meet at Leatherwood at 10:30.

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Tattooed and Retired
Re: Boating 3/25-26
March 24, 2017 08:41AM
Looks like WV this weekend for me. Will be pretty soggy at Ocoee Sat night.
Re: Boating 3/25-26
March 24, 2017 04:25PM
Cheoah for me and then wait for rain in the park and hope to boat Sunday there.
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