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Saturday plans

Posted by DRdagger 
Saturday plans
January 19, 2017 04:54PM
Saturday plans?? Anyone?

Re: Saturday plans
January 19, 2017 05:50PM
Well, Chief and I were chatting and hoping for some Smokies or Plateau action on Saturday and Sunday. I am now NOT coming to KY this weekend, so, Hanley, you won't see me at the roll sessions after all and I won't be on the Elkhorn. But, I do hope to paddle the Greenbriar, Little or maybe go back over to Daddy's or see if the Caney Fork is in. Something for sure this weekend, but I will be centered in TN. Right now, the forecast looks promising, so I really hope to get some mountain streams flowing au naturale in the next four or five days.
Re: Saturday plans
January 20, 2017 12:30AM
Plateau is already moving into green. Probably best bet but we'll see. Post night shift Sat though so I may be a Sun only player and maybe local on Sat.

Re: Saturday plans
January 20, 2017 09:23AM
I'm looking to get out both days. I'm hoping for some good creeky runs if possible... See what creeks are flowing tomorrow morning and resort to Rockcastle? Haven't run that one yet.

Let me know!

Nolan A.
Re: Saturday plans
January 20, 2017 05:58PM
I am planning on driving to Rock Creek/Nemo campground on Saturday Morning between 9-10.
My thought is that Daddy's Creek maybe to Nemo is the best option.
Rain is forecast for Saturday night &Sunday Morning. Hope for a few laps on Island and a run on Little Clear for Sunday if rains deliver. See you there.
Re: Saturday plans
January 21, 2017 09:10PM
Well, I talked Chief into scrapping his plans and come boat the Caney Fork with me and Tom Zimmerman. The level at the bridge gauge was 1.8. That is a new gauge. The level I saw looked more like 1.9 to 2' on the old gauge, especially at Devil's Kitchen. Plenty of water going over the entrance rock to run the bottom drop. No scrape down the entry drop either - twas full flow! Temperatures were in the 60s by the time we got off river. The day was spectacular in all ways other than Tom and I cracked our boats and had to dump a bit. Time for a new one, but I am getting the old one welded.

Chief went to Rock Creek to hook up with folks there. I understand that there was a crew on Daddy's Creek today. Looks like it was a good level there as well. I am back at Nippur in the Smokies, so will probably be looking for things to develop here, most likely Sunday night with a good day of boating on Monday here local to me.

Hope everyone had a good time where ever they paddled.

Re: Saturday plans
January 22, 2017 07:45PM
Brent and All,
On Sunday we got another run of Daddy's in before the Catoosa road closes. Was probably a little over 2 feet on the Antioch Bridge gauge based on the level at the fang in rattlesnake. Our group of Damon P. Fred W. Mike W. Ed B. Nolan and I talked ourselves on microcreeking down Yellow Creek. We knew before we put on that it would be scrapey and it was. The level was 1.5, we think Kirk Edelmon says 1.7 is minimal and he is probably correct. There was one portage on Yellow because of wood but the drops were mostly clean even at this low of a level. This can be a fun way to run Daddy's Creek if it has enough water. I would not recomend large groups go down due to the tiny size of eddies and the possible scouting or portaging.This is a fun run, if you read water well and you have an adventurous spirit.
Daddy's Creek proper was well padded no problems encountered got a sweet boof at the fang today.
Raining hard in Knoxville now, bet the Grate Smoky Mountain runs will be there tomorrow.
PS-If you have not done it the Caney Fork is a class IV jewel.
Re: Saturday plans
January 22, 2017 08:03PM
I just sent you an email. If I had Flunker, Jimmy, Mike D's, Jason and Josh H.'s email, I would link them in as well. Raining in Cosby now too. Should be a good couple of days - finally. Looks like the headwaters of the Little and the rest of the north Smokies are getting rain. I kinda think we may head to Tremont in the a.m. if the Little is over 3.2. I have Sammy Mueller and Eric HF coming in tonight to paddle the next day or so here. I will call you in the a.m. homey.
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