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Rendezvous a blast!

Posted by bj196321 
Rendezvous a blast!
October 29, 2018 09:43AM
The new/old rendezvous was GRE-EAAT! What awesome facilities compared to Carson island!!!! Can't say enough about Bob, Megan, Brandy, and everyone involved to make this new/old rendezvous the special event it was!!!! The town of Haysi and the Kiwanis were so welcoming and expressed their pleasure to have a bunch of crazy boaters feel at home! Goo-oood time!

B. J. - kayak bum and river guide

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Re: Rendezvous a blast!
October 29, 2018 08:25PM
I agree BJ. It was a blast from the past in so many ways, and refreshing and new in others. Location is great. Good to be back there. It had been since 2003 when I was last on the property. The locals were awesome. Haysi is very welcoming. Just refreshing. Good job on the infrastructure, the signage, the majick, the music and amazing volunteer effort by so many. Felt so good and so right. Thank you Bob, Megan and Brandy. You did it. Mark Branch deserves great credit for the professionalism he brings to managing the sound board and working with the musicians.

The race was awesome, and the near 1300 cfs level added a bit of excitement out there and also contributed to some very fast times. Thanks so much Willy Witt for doing the times, with Damon Patterson helping. A great tradition continues and it is cool to have pros show up from all over as well as our homeys. Love watching the finish line at Climax. Awesome that the racers got into the festival for free. That is what I used to do too.

Overall, the energy was palpable and real. It will pay dividends as this festival really put the Rendezvous in the consciousness of the paddling community and beyond. I am so proud of the effort and the exhausting work done. I know what this is like and while tired, you should feel really good about how it went down. And it was crappy weather too! Big BWA hand you all.

Re: Rendezvous a blast!
October 29, 2018 11:12PM
Just want to give a huge thanks to ALL the volunteers that made this years festival such an awesome event. Brandy put and has been putting the magic into this festival for a long time and deserves a ton of credit. Megan worked hard behind the scenes to organize the volunteers, build our facebook presence and keep this event fresh in the minds of those that showed up. A big thanks to Mark for the massive amount of work he did before, during and after the event. The music was fantastic and your efforts really showed. Both John and Little Bear were always there and always in the thick of things when stuff needed to get done and thank you, thank you thank you to the clean up crews that just seem to show up out of nowhere and get stuff done. Set up, gate volunteers, security and especially to the members of the Kiwanis club and the town of Haysi as well as to everyone that jumped in to help out. You really are what makes this festival happen.

Bob L.
Re: Rendezvous a blast!
October 31, 2018 01:40PM
Bob, Brandy, Megan, Mark and other volunteers: You folks did a great job. I am continually amazed how much work you put into an event like this. Huge thanks!
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