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Film Festival Coordinator Position Is Vacant - Need Nominees

Posted by Koebs 
Film Festival Coordinator Position Is Vacant - Need Nominees
September 06, 2018 10:55AM
The officer position of Film Festival Coordinator is vacant. The Bluegrass Wildwater Association is taking nominees for this position and will be voted on at the next club meeting. The NPFF is rich in history and needs someone who can really move it into the future. If you want to be added to the nominee list. Please email Mike Daughtery at president@bluegrasswildwater.org or post here on the forum. Be prepared to give a short speech.

Duties of This Position Per BWA Bylaws

Section IX: The Film Festival Coordinator will be responsible for directing the planning and activities of the BWA's National Paddling Film Festival (NPFF) and shall maintain separate accounting procedures for the NPFF. There is no term limit for this office.

Link To Next Club Meeting Details

Best Regards,

Kyle Koeberlein

Bluegrass Wildwater Association, INC
Personal Mobile: (502) 370-1289
BWA Company: (859) 428-8435

Note: BWA number currently rings club president and treasurer.
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