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BWA Renewal

Posted by Kayak1ky 
BWA Renewal
July 03, 2018 01:47PM
Better late than never. Just renewed my BWA membership for another year. Ahhhhhh. DONE!

Another year for just 20 bucks which includes some pretty cool shit.

Elkhorn Creek parking permit.
Monthly meetings. Attendance is not required but when I go I am always glad I did.
Latest river information, good or bad but always spot on.
Have I mentioned parties yet? P-A-R-T-I-E-S. That is plural which means there are several.
Good information about the latest in boats and stuff from the gearheads.
The BWA Forum which is great for communication for those of us who are not subscribers to social media.
Posted invitations to paddle through multiple forms of communication
Roll sessions to learn and enhance your boating skills in a controlled environment with opportunities to be taught or teach

And best of all: Being a member of a group of really cool m**********rs like you.

So, I put it off long enough. I beat the reminder that would be sent to me. And I get another year of membership with you, my extended family.


Tattooed and Retired
Re: BWA Renewal
July 05, 2018 08:00PM
I'm currently paid up until 2021 so you'll have to put up with me a while longer!

Joe W.
Re: BWA Renewal
July 05, 2018 09:37PM

My pleasure and my honor to be stuck in the BWA with the likes of you. We just need to paddle together more.


Tattooed and Retired
Re: BWA Renewal
July 06, 2018 02:35PM
Damn, can I get my money back?


Hanley Loller

"It's plum amazing what you can do when you damn well got no choice."
--Rickie Dale Larson
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