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Awesome Spring Clinic

Posted by brentaustin 
Awesome Spring Clinic
May 20, 2018 09:22PM
What a fabulous weekend at Ratliff Hole with the Vikings for a joint Spring Clinic. The weather was wet, but comfortable and the music was off the hook and super cool. The Russell Fork had about 700 on Saturday and about 780 on Sunday. Very nice water level for the clinic. Kind of a quirky level for the gorge, but regardless, it was great. Thanks ACOE!

We also did not get hassled by the Elkhorn City police like they did last Rendezvous, without cause, and it was better to be at Rat Hole than Carson in that regard. We have a good relationship with the Breaks Park and that has resulted in the nice use of Ratliff Hole for our event. Bob Larkin really works his charm with all the local authorities and that plays a role in being left alone, too. Koebs and Jansen really did a nice job with the entrance set up, wrist bands and being ready and willing fill ins for lots of tasks, including chopping fruit and fetching Maiick Mike out of bed to help find the coffee. Zina killed it with the recycling and garbage sort. Thanks Zina!

The Students were great - lots of super budding talent I saw out there today on the Lower. And, I personally have to thank everyone that helped me in the kitchen for breakfast both days. Some how, we pulled it off and folks got fed. Hanley again made us all giggle with his antics and encouragement, no matter how little talent was involved, and the Talent Show has got to be world famous by now.

Overall, it was a great job Majick Mike! Big BWA Hand to you my brother! You worked your ass off the whole weekend and it was noticed. Now that this is behind you, you should consider taking time off from official BWA duties and come boat the Cheoah with me and others this Saturday.
Re: Awesome Spring Clinic
May 21, 2018 12:49PM
You couldn't have said it any better, Brent. It was obvious that a lot of people put in a LOT of work to make this thing go down. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and am very appreciative of the folks who help make this tradition continue! It's no secret how much I love the Russell Fork, so it probably comes at no surprise I love seeing all the new beginning boaters get a small taste of this gem of a river and it's accompanying environment as one of their first river experiences. The BWA, for better or for worse, sure knows how to kick a river vibe, that's for sure! I sure love all you crazy people smileys with beer

Re: Awesome Spring Clinic
May 21, 2018 04:44PM
Ditto and Ditto, WOW, what a clinic. The music, atmosphere, the students and all you awesome people. I think that was one of my favorite clinics yet and at some point this week I hope to be fully recovered from it. I love it when our Viking cousins throw in with us. Mike, as Brent said, you really put in a lot of work on this one and it showed, you threw one fine clinic brother.

A big special thanks to my dinner crew, you all were amazing. Hanley, Robert and Zina, a big special thanks for all the work.

Re: Awesome Spring Clinic
May 21, 2018 06:18PM
Congrats to the volunteers of the BWA for putting on another great, epic clinic and to the next generation of paddlers. Big hand to everyone in the BWA for keeping this excellent idea happening and thriving. I think Cynthia, John, Brian and Adelessa would agree that we had a FUN FUN FUN time teaching our 2018 class of 5, high energy and enthusiastic kids. Lily, Leo, David, Leslie and Carley all nailed it and are natural paddlers.They set a new BWA Kids Class record - only 1 swim during the entire clinic! It occured at the end of the day on Sat. while going for a tougher ferry in the BIG, funny water, tail waves below Rat Hole. Thanks to John Mello, 2 of our class even got their hands roll. On Sun we had several of the young paddling Padawan surfers shredding it up on the town section and another even trying to stern squirt! These kids made us look good. I hope they will continue to paddle because they are terrific. It was an honor and a blast to paddle with you all!

PS: We used a little known access point on the RF when we ran the town section. It cuts out the need to brave the heinous Carson Island road. It makes the shuttle for both the Lower RF and town section about 5 minutes. This access point offers huge advantages for logistics and shuttles 2019 Clinic. Coming from Ratliff Hole towards EC look for the last paved road on the left before crossing the new bridge (Ohio?) and then follow your nose to river just under the bridge.

Re: Awesome Spring Clinic
May 21, 2018 07:18PM
The clinic was an amazing experience through and through! It took a village of imagitave and talented people to make the clinic as successful as it was. All the volunteers were top notch and provided expertise and experience that continuously blew me away. Jansen, Koebes, and Gertrude were such a lovely welcoming crew, thanks for going above and beyond to fill the grout between the tiles. Zina did a fantastic job with keeping the campground from getting completely clobbered. Brent, your vibes seasoned the breakfast perfectly and you turned the dead into living with that awesome caffinated potion! Bob made a scrumptious spaghetti dinner, not to mention his experience helped tremendously! Bob's much better half, Megan, poured me a glass of water in the form of a clinic director manual that helped cut back a kilowatt of unnecessary stress. Hanley made sure that the classes were organized and lined up the students and instructors, helluva job! Every student I talked to said they had a blast. Jessy rocked the house with the talent show and so did the talent of course! Seeing the smiles, hearing the laughs, watching the Grimes' inspire timid children to pull off moves that took me forever to learn. Flabbergasted! The bands thought they were coming to a small boring get together but realized as soon as they drove up, they felt welcomed and right at home. Thanks again to everyone that came out! Beautiful faces in beautiful places. There were many new lifelong friendships made over the last weekend. Many friendships strengthened, many eyes opened, and many whitewater boaters born. It's always a great pleasure being able to witness this river kind of love.

See you on the river,

Mike D

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Re: Awesome Spring Clinic
May 21, 2018 08:17PM
Oh, a big thanks to the work done by Kyle, Jansen and Jim. I noticed these three just jumping in all over the place. Kyle and Jansen set up the best check in booth I've ever seen at a clinic and staffed it almost continuously. Great work to all three of you and to everyone else that just stepped up when they saw the need arise. That is something that I've seen over and over with this club and one of the reasons that make me proud to be a part of it. Once again, awesome, awesome clinic.

Re: Awesome Spring Clinic
May 22, 2018 08:34AM
I always believed that Kyle Koeberlein had a bright future in campground hosting when he gets too old for the Sherpa business. hot smiley

How cool would that campground be? Great job everybody. Sounds truly epic!

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