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Alas, Boater Talk is Gone! Any memories to share ya'll?

Posted by brentaustin 
Alas, Boater Talk is Gone! Any memories to share ya'll?
April 23, 2018 09:52PM
I know that BT has been notifying folks for months that it was ending, but I just now took my occasional look here on my computer and then on my phone, and it seems it is finally gone. Sigh. I really liked that forum. One of the few I would actually participate in. Too bad really. But, I understand why Eric Princen, the founder and owner, walked away. Too many people using FaceBook and not enough money raised with ads at BT, especially with the lack of time Eric has these days. Blows me away it is gone. I think that sucks. Wish my friends would quit using FaceBook and contact each other in so many other ways, anyway. The Mom and Pops like BT are gone or going. Even this Forum is not as active as it should be because of the sell out by BWA'ers to FB. Please, consider quitting FB and deleting all your information before you deactivate. Don't "like" anything there, for sure. All this I have been saying about FB for years now. I won't change my view about the dangers it poses and if anything, they only solidify over time as I watch the fallout. On the otherhand, it is kinda sweet to subpoena FB account information for court cases, but that is the about the limits of what I like about it. The cookies taste better in hell I suppose because the vast majority of you reading this won't stop using FB. Suckers!

Anyway, the "Monsanto" and the "Big Tobacco" of Social media is FB. Be very leery of that one. I truly feel blessed to have no footprint there myself, although I know my friends wittingly or unwittingly plaster my picture in it at times. I wish that would back off too to be honest. You can post pictures of me and ya'll running "what not" falls all you want right here on the BWA forum. Let em search that. Or the newsletter is fine. Or your blog. Maybe not the classified section of the New York Times, even though I am sure that is a smaller audience than FaceBook. Funny how people think you are hard to find if you are not on FB. Suits me. My real friends can find me, no problem and quite quickly. Alright, enough of me saying over and over again: FaceBook is bad, mmmkay?

So long Boater Talk. I spent ten days camping with Eric Princen at Burning Man two years ago and he was telling me back then of his plans to shut down BT if he could not transfer it to someone, anyone, for free even. But, nothing came of that, he moved to the NW from his home CO and is working full time there and was left with no choice. What a journey BT has been with a homegrown crowd of boaters, lots from the east and less from the west, and a scene that dominated this part of the boating world over the past 15 years or more. While I was never a big fan of handles and always posted my full name to own what I said, in the end, everyone there knew who was generally who, except for the excitement of the occasional, sometime more than occasional troll. Shit, I met some good friends that use to flame like crazy just to get folks riled up and then watch the fun. It would be like, damn, I can't believe that was you doing that. Another Merry Prankster in my river life...

Now, how about some stories of your favorite BoaterTalk moments or exchanges? Any out there? I gotta think about it, but there have been a few interesting sessions over the years. Get back to you on that later, maybe.

And if any of you put a link to this post on FB, you are a friggin drag! So there! You should be surfing the Forum to see this. If you want a buddy to see it, call her and tell them to go look at the forum, or text or email a link. There are other ways ya'll.

Re: Alas, Boater Talk is Gone! Any memories to share ya'll?
April 24, 2018 02:26PM
Great read Brent but BT has just moved to Amazon Cloud - aws.boatertalk.com There is a redirect link but it's misspelled. I still use FB for convenience. I'm sorry but it's just a bit easier than using the forum on my phone. I get your points though! Hopefully FB will get better after the legal fallout or something new and better will come along.

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