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6th Annual "Dick" Bradfield Memorial Ocoee Race: Saturday, Aug 12th

Posted by justinb 
6th Annual "Dick" Bradfield Memorial Ocoee Race: Saturday, Aug 12th
July 15, 2017 12:41PM
What up folks,

Clay asked me to help out this year because he isn't sure of his status yet for race day, based on his recovery. Heal up buddy! So I'll be herding you cats for this annual tradition. Let's keep the memory of Scott "Dick" Bradfield alive and well. Last year the word got out and we ended up with 43 racers, yikes. Let's keep it going. I hear there are several folks with Speeders these days, let's see if they can handle this run (and the rafts!).

Who: Everybody is welcome! As with the Not NPFF Race, we'll have a long boat class (10' and above), a short boat class below 10', and any other class of boats that show up (C-1, OC, squirt, hand paddle, etc.)

When: Meet at upper parking lot of the Middle Put-in Saturday at 5:00pm. We'll sign up, get race numbers handed out and have racer's meeting. Race starts at 6:00pm sharp.

What: This is mass start race beginning at Staging Eddy and ending just below Cats Pajamas on river right. Pretty self explanatory....first one to the bottom WINS! Anyone racing please bring something for the "pot" to be divvied up to race winners. We'll have something for the winners of each class. If you don't bring something, don't sweat it. There will be plenty of goodies to be had.

We need someone to volunteer to keep time and keep track of finish order. If there's anyone out there willing to help please contact me via txt if possible: (859) 806 - zero four five zero. We'll need you to meet us at the put-in at 5:00, go to Staging Eddy to start the race timing, then drive to Cats to get the times as the racers finish. Thank you in advance and we'll give you something out of the "pot".

Feel free to post here if you are interested in racing otherwise just show up! I'd really like to see some more BWAer's come out and fire this thing up! As long as ya know the lines and feel comfortable paddling down the Ocoee by yourself, then no reason not to. There are definitely some race lines out there that are faster...which requires a little bit more thought and knowledge to place higher. The late race time should give you some time to get out there for a practice lap or two beforehand.

Anyone is welcome, spread the word...and of course, bring on the Vikings!

See you all there!

Re: 6th Annual "Dick" Bradfield Memorial Ocoee Race: Saturday, Aug 12th
July 15, 2017 01:47PM
Thanks for taking back over what was originally your brainchild and what I think may have been Scott's first dabble at racing. I know he went on to race the Russell Fork after seeing how much fun this race and racing in general can be. For those of you that never knew Scott, he was an avid boater living right here in Lexington. He was a friend to most here in the club as he boated "the Steeps" almost every single time stuff ran around here. He had a schedule from being in the military that allowed him many days on the water and he took full advantage of it. He worked really hard at it and wound up being one of the best boaters around KY and my main paddling partner for several years until his death. He and I travelled all over the country kayaking fun yet hard Class V whitewater together, along with many others here in the club. In fact, several of the hardest Class V runs I did was with him. I specifically remember a stellar day he and I had down the West Prong of the Little Pigeon at high flows and another separate run down Linville Gorge that still to this day were highlights of my boating career. Anyways, this race has now morphed into sort of a memorial in his honor and I just wanted to reflect a moment on how much I still miss that boy. As time passes on, now 4 years from his death on the Big East Fork of the Pigeon, it's easy to forget those things but I really don't want to, they're memories that keep friends alive and well in your soul.

I must admit, the Ocoee has turned out to be an unbelievably fun race course. Just the right amount of difficulty but not so much that mere mortals can't race it. There are most definitely some faster lines out there, but you gotta go find them (if you don't know them already winking smiley ). We've had some epic one on one battles amongst friends out there, and we've had a few epic instances of carnage as well! So get out and dial in your lines and find the fastest (or the funnest) boat you have, call your friends, and show up at 5 at the put-in. I may not quite be back to racing form myself, but it still gets me fired up for it lol.

Thanks, Justin, for getting this thing going again this year! I've already heard some shit talking from our Viking brethrens up the road. We can't let Delaney win again this year can we?? And just to be sure, last year's race was EPIC!!


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Re: 6th Annual "Dick" Bradfield Memorial Ocoee Race: Saturday, Aug 12th
July 19, 2017 08:13AM
Plan to be there and hoping to improve my finish position. Going the weekend of the 29-30th to practice race lines, happy to have training partners. Contact me if you are interested, perhaps we can reserve a spot at Thunder Rock.
Re: 6th Annual "Dick" Bradfield Memorial Ocoee Race: Saturday, Aug 12th
August 02, 2017 08:48AM
I am so there!
Re: 6th Annual "Dick" Bradfield Memorial Ocoee Race: Saturday, Aug 12th
August 02, 2017 07:49PM
I miss the shit out of Scott. I will be there...
Re: 6th Annual "Dick" Bradfield Memorial Ocoee Race: Saturday, Aug 12th
August 09, 2017 10:31AM
Brent - I hear you man. Dearly miss my partner in crime. CFL.

Alright folks,
This weekend is going to be a blast. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and catching up. I'm not sure we'll beat the 43 races from last year but let's give it a go.

I need at least two volunteers to keep the times/race finish order. If you can't race but want to be involved this is your ticket! You just need to be at the pre race meeting, start of the race and finish line and have two devices (phones) that can be used for timing.


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