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Watch out for those Rec boaters

Posted by xsubdude99 
Watch out for those Rec boaters
July 09, 2017 01:34PM
Hi All,

I'm not sure what's going on but in the past couple of weeks we've provided assistance to a couple of groups of Rec boaters that could have really gotten hurt on the Elkhorn. About 2 weeks ago, we persuaded 2 groups from putting on the Elkhorn when it was running at over 9K. We ran into one of the groups at AW that were just dropping off their truck and were headed to the forks with plans to just "Jump" the dam. Can you imagine, at 9000 cfs, a group of rec boaters just jumping the dam.

Yesterday, after finding a rec boater with his boat pinned in a tree at "S" turn, we nursed a group running the upper section to the takeout without pfds, helmets or the necessary boat control to make it through the simplest of rapids. They were all nice guys; been glad to drink a beer with them or play a round of golf but they had no business on the Elkhorn at 1200.

My point is simple, although you have no obligation to interfere, keep an eye out for what's going on around you. I have no doubt that our intervention saved the lives of those 9K dam jumpers, so at the put-in, never be afraid to strike up a conversation with people that look woefully unprepared for the task ahead, you're gently worded advice might save a life.

Re: Watch out for those Rec boaters
July 27, 2017 03:43PM
OMG that's insane! Maybe a warning sign at the Forks put-in about the nature of the dam and it's danger with flow levels that make it difficult to portage? I remember a few yrs ago a couple of folks having rec boat issues below S turn and trying to wade in fast current to hold the boat. Glad they responded appropriately to your warning Bob - a bunch of guys with testosterone blazing can be a hard force to derail. No doubt with rec boat explosion of interest there will be a tragedy at the dam in the future.

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