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154 out of 264

Posted by xsubdude99 
154 out of 264
June 23, 2017 08:55PM
Hi All,

154 you ask, what is that?

After months of work, after a 2 month vetting process in which the club was able to debate, amend and make changes to the new bylaws and after the most transparent process possible. 154 out of 264 eligible voting members is the number of people that have not taken the few minutes it takes to cast a vote on the new bylaws.

It's simple... Send an email to 2017bwabylaws@gmail.com include your name and your vote (Yes or No). I've even included a copy of them here should you want to view them again.

Let's forget about the amount of work and debate that has gone into this process. Let's forget about how easy we have made it to cast your vote, and let's forget about the fact that our current bylaws have not been changed in over 40 years and are in bad need of updating, let's just forget about all that.

What we can't forget about is that these bylaws set the groundwork to offer protection to the very officers that volunteer to serve this club. They allow the club to offer services to you, our members that, if strictly sticking to the existing bylaws, we could not offer. They ensure the longevity of the National Paddling Film Festival and ensure the Russell Fork Rendezvous will not only continue but that it will always be ran as a fundraiser for American Whitewater. Lastly, let's not forget that if they are not passed that almost half of the offices in the Steering Committee will be vacated because they are not supported by our current bylaws.

Although I've done my best not to sway the vote, at least as far as the voting is concerned, it is vitally important to the club that these bylaws get passed. Right now, the bylaws are only about 25 votes away from being passed but it's like we've hit a brick wall.

A lot of you have already voted (Over 110 to be precise) and we are getting close but I need your help. Talk to your friends, if they haven't voted, urge them to do so. Beat the bushes, call your friends that you know don't read the forum. Talk to new members, do what it takes, which is exactly what I've been doing but I need your help. They are important and it's time we work together and get this done.

Once again: send an email to: 2017bwabylaws@gmail.com include your name and your vote (Yes or No). The club needs your help, get out there and let's get this done..... PLEASE..

open | download - Final version of Proposed BWA Bylaws 5-18-2017.pdf (141.3 KB)
Re: 154 out of 264
June 25, 2017 09:23PM
That's disappointing. Please take the 5 minutes required to get this done.

Joe W.
Re: 154 out of 264
June 26, 2017 08:23AM
Math breakdown.

133 votes needed for a 1 vote majority.

110 votes cast.

23 votes needed, 4 days left.

PLEASE beat the bushes for members who haven't voted. These new bylaws may not be perfect, but who said we could find perfection? We desperately need to update the bylaws just so they'll fit with our current practices. Please vote, please check with others and make sure they've voted.


Hanley Loller

"It's plum amazing what you can do when you damn well got no choice."
--Rickie Dale Larson
Re: 154 out of 264
June 26, 2017 08:37AM
Bob has done an outstanding job and I can't stress enough how important that the new bylaws get passed. Please cast your vote when you have a moment.


Kyle Koeberlein
BWA President
Mobile: (502) 370-1289
Re: 154 out of 264
June 26, 2017 10:39AM
Personal emails to folks who haven't voted is probably the best way to get this done -- folks who read the forum or the Facebook page probably have voted, but we have a lot of members who just aren't very engaged in day-to-day stuff. They support BWA for the support we give to AW and paddling causes, but don't necessarily plug in to the forum.

Re: 154 out of 264
June 26, 2017 03:29PM
Thanks for the input and support. As far as emails are concerned, everyone that hasnt voted yet has been contacted via email a couple of times.

Re: 154 out of 264
June 26, 2017 04:41PM
I've been going through the list as well and contacting people individually via text, and email. I've got my hopes high that we get this passed in the next couple of days.

Keep Rockin In The Free World

BWA President
Mobile: (502) 370-1289
Re: 154 out of 264
June 26, 2017 04:53PM
Good work, your efforts are starting to pay off. We are down to only 0 yes votes needed. we are at +18. After a last minute push by myself, Clay and especially Kyle, the votes just poured in.


(I'll edit this post with the current numbers as they come in)

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