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Fayette County Parks & Recreation Public Meetings

Posted by paddlezrm 
Fayette County Parks & Recreation Public Meetings
June 07, 2017 02:09PM
Lexington-Fayette is undergoing an update to the Parks & Recreation Master Plan. There have been a number of focus group meetings and some still to come. There will also be 4 public meetings on June 19-22 (you could attend any of them; don't need to attend more than one) which will provide another opportunity to make your views, concerns, needs, hopes, etc. known. See the schedule here: https://www.lexingtonky.gov/about-parks-and-recreation-master-plan

One of the things the administration wants to know is whether LFUCG should pursue Blue Water Trail / Access development. This would likely require regional cooperation, especially since Lexington is the high point and most streams are not viable for paddling. I think Boone Creek may be the only whitewater stream actually in or bordering Fayette County, but I may well be wrong.

But city-sponsored roll sessions, or intro to kayaking classes or other such things could also be on the table, if we speak up and mention it. Please consider coming to one of the public meetings to advocate for paddle sports (or mountain biking or skateboarding or any other activities), and encourage people you know to do the same.

Re: Fayette County Parks & Recreation Public Meetings
June 18, 2017 10:32AM
Park and Rec public meeting/open house times are:
Monday 6/19, 5-7 pm at Northside Library
Tuesday 6/20, 5-7 pm at The Lyric
Wednesday 6/21, 2-4 pm at Lexington Senior Center
Thursday 6/22, 5-7 pm at Clays Mill Elementary School

They will have children's activities available during the meetings, so parents can bring 'em along.

"Open conversations about facilities, green spaces, programs and events will help Parks and Recreation find ways to better support the community."

So come with your questions and requests, about things related to boating, other sports or activities which are near and dear to your heart, and/or "green" spaces or "natural areas."

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