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NPFF Donation to SWR

Posted by xsubdude99 
NPFF Donation to SWR
April 07, 2017 06:07PM
Hi All,

Among all the other great causes that NPFF supports, they have donated $500.00 to offset the cost of the 2 SWR courses this year. $250.00 to the one coming up and $250 to the one later in the year. The $250.00 that they are donating for this upcoming course will be applied to lower the $75.00 final payment.

I may be wrong and please check my math but I believe there are 16 people going, which would mean that instead of $75.00, it would cost $59.38. Of course if less then 16 are signed up then it would be an even higher discount, if more than 16 are going, it would be less. You know how it works. Have fun, learn a lot and a BIG thanks to the NPFF.

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