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Not NPFF Race

Posted by Fredw 
Not NPFF Race
February 07, 2017 05:56PM
Ladies and gentleman of the BWA it's the time of year to go fast and have fun! Our good friend Mr. Clay Warren has asked me to spearhead the Bwa's effort at defeating any and ALL teams at the Not NPFF Race! I have humbly excepted this great responsibility. Make no mistake this will be no easy task! This goal will be accomplished this year with YOUR help!

What is needed,

1. Racers, YOU! This is paramount! The race is open to any and all who would like to race. That said If you are the type of person who doesn't like to lose at a freaking game of checkers, WE NEED YOU ESPECIALLY! I need to know if raced your older brother when you were 5 years old at drinking milk, racing to the car, eating dinner and won! I will do my best to put you into long boat. It's great race to start your Whitewater racing career .

2. Long fast boats! For the most part boats around 15' in length are what is ideal, speeders and the like. sea kayaks do great too. Green boats and similar boats are better than creek boats but you'll have too kill it to place. See what you can find. Older fiberglass are excellent too.

This message is just just to get you thinking about racing and get you fired up! More info and the sing up link will be posted in the coming week.

This race is in no way affiliated with the National Paddling Film Festival.

I'll do my best to answer questions but I'm not the greatest at typing and computer stuff so please be patient with me.

Thank you,

Re: Not NPFF Race
February 08, 2017 12:16PM
I'll just add an emphasis here to what Fred is saying. The real key to this race is long (15 to 17 foot) V-hull touring kayaks. The Vikings kill us every year because they have several of these boats in their membership and on the Elkhorn that's what dominates. We can get some individual wins in categories, but if we want the team win then we need five (top five racers = team score) really long, really fast boats and five racers possessed by a need to crush the competition from Louisville.


Hanley Loller

"It's plum amazing what you can do when you damn well got no choice."
--Rickie Dale Larson
Re: Not NPFF Race
February 09, 2017 12:23PM
Thanks Hanley! What he says is true the longer the boat the better.
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