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The Boys Trip Report from Ecuador

Posted by brentaustin 
The Boys Trip Report from Ecuador
December 30, 2012 01:08PM
To shift to more pleasant topics, I have been getting updates from YT on the trip down south. This one just now is the most concise report yet:

Mi Amigos and Familia,

Taking rest day in Tena today. Weather warm and rainy in Tena. Must be boring to be a meteorologist in Ecuador. Same everyday depending on elevation. I saw where it is cold and snowy in Kentucky today. Not missing the snow here!

Upper Jondachi was great day yesterday but did take mucho esfuezo!. Clay, Matt Terry, and Charlie Watt have gone back today for another run. There is a group of kayakers from North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, and West Virginia. We have taken on the name of Team South. We have paddled well so far. Everything continuous Class IV as a minimum. It is on from the slide in to the take out on everything I have run. Solid Class IV skills with bomb proof roll opens up a multitude of classic runs.

Matt Terry is a absolute fantastic resource in Ecuador. Matt runs the Ecuadorian Rivers Institute that is a environmental protection organization. It is a monumental task to help protect the Ecuadorian watersheds against mining, logging, and drilling activities.

Clay Warren and Kevin Mathers are the very best traveling participantes y amigos. I must learn Spanish. I feel disrespectful not being able to communicate in Spanish.

Trying to list the sequence of the rivers so far. Will try and make the correct spellings.

12/22 - Quijos Riiver - Bridge to Bridge - Upper medium level - Class IV continuous

12/23 - Consanga - Upper & Lower - Medium Flow - Class IV to Quilos take out at Borja

12/24 - Oyacachi - Medium to medium plus flow - Class IV continuous - up to this point one f the greatest days kayaking ever for me. Worth the plane ticket to Ecuador.

12/25 - Quijos River - Bride to Bridge to Borja - lower flow - Class IV - eases up below the second bridge yet still many great drops

12/26 - Rest day - Clay & Kevin go back Oyacachi for second run.

12/27 - Upper Misahualli - low flow - Class IV minus - Transfer to Tena

12/28 - Piatua - Continuous Class IV - medium to perfect flow. There are a few days in a kayaking career that defines why you kayak. Today was the day.

12/29 - Upper Jondachi - Low flow. Never thought I would get and or take the opportunity to run this section of classic Ecuadorian whitewater. Did get a bit tired half way down yet recovered with some food and had great day. Portaged all the Class V drops. Continuous Class IV in all other sections. Ran a micro creeking tributary into the the Jondachi that I cannot remember the name at the moment. Epic day!

12/30 - Rest day and writing this email. Clay has gone back to the Upper Jondachi with Matt Terry and Charlie Watt.

12/31 - Might transition back to Baeza - Feliz Ano Nuevo

Missing yall and loving y'all Ecuadorian style!

Re: The Boys Trip Report from Ecuador
January 01, 2013 09:35PM
Just a quick run-down of our boating here in Ecuador (YT and Kevin took a day off here and there)

Day 1: Quijos-bridge to bridge
Day 2: Cosanga-middle & lower to Borja
Day 3: Oyacachi (pfd)
Day 4: Quijos-bridge to bridge to bridge to Borja
Day 5: Oyacachi again
Day 6: Upper Misahualli
Day 7: Piatua
Day 8: Urcusiqui into Upper Jondachi (pfd of Urcusiqui)
Day 9: Urcusiqui into Upper Jondachi
Day 10: Cheesehouse at fluffy level into bridge to bridge to end 2012 on a class V note (pfd of cheesehouse)
Day 11: rest day (tengo muy grande chuchaque)

Felíz Año Nuevo errbody!
Re: The Boys Trip Report from Ecuador
January 02, 2013 08:14AM
Strong work to Team South! Sounds top notch, can't wait to hear some stories and see some photos.

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