National Paddling Film Festival 2020 Motion Entry Form
Entries must be received by February 5th, 2020

Title of Entry: 

Submission Method: 

Online media preferred but physical media (DVDs / flash drives / memory cards) also accepted but not returned. If you submit your entry via an online link please use a web host that allows for downloads like Vimeo, Google Drive, Dropbox, or YouTube.

Video URL (and password, if any):  

Length (in minutes):   (appx in H:M:S format, enter 0:6:30 is 6 1/2 minutes)

Synopsis of Entry (for display on Festival website and in the NPFF Competition program):


Please choose one competition division and category
See NPFF rules for competition division and category definitions
Note: Film trailers by themselves are not accepted

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Note: the Safey/Instruction Division does not have Categories, so pick either on this form..

In the event my entry is included in the competition:
I understand that the use of the title, cover and selected images from my video or my still images may
be used for display or used in promotional literature or advertisements by the National Paddling Film
Festival. I also understand that my individual entry(ies) will be permanently added to the NPFF video
and image library to be shown only with the filmmaker's permission.

I wish for my film to continue to help raise funds for American Whitewater and river conservation
and be included on the list of films available for the National Paddling Film Festival Road Shows.

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If you submit a valid email address, an automated email will be sent to you with your submission information.

Email any questions to

If necessary mail media to:

Barry Grimes
124 Hilltop Dr.
Richmond, KY 40475